The Occupy Movement — Looking out for the “little guy?”

If you listen to the “protestors” in the Occupy movement, they are the only ones who are looking out for the “little guy.” It is they who want to make certain that everyone is equal…

Are you sure?

From the Daily Caller

For each of the 984 Occupy Wall Street protestors arrested in New York City between September 18 and October 15, police collected and filed an information sheet recording the arestee’s name, age, sex, criminal charge, home address and — in most cases — race.

So, the fascinating part is that these people looking out for the “little guy” live in houses that have an average median value of $305,000 — which is $120,000 over the national average.

Wait, it gets better —

…at least 95 of the protestors’ residences are worth approximately $500,000 or more…

So, how can they understand what the pain of the little guy is when they can go out and play a round of golf between nights in Zuccotti Park? (What’s the ol’ saying — a picture is worth a thousand words…)

Folks at OWS will claim that they have had everything taken from them by greedy corporate interests — in particular jobs that have been outsourced.

The vast majority of demonstrators are actually employed…

If they have jobs, then how could they understand the pain of the unemployed? Or are they being “greedy” and wanting the businesses to pay them more?

I wonder if we can find how further out of touch the OWS folks can be with Americans — not too mention reality…

Hold up this just in — instead of looking out for the little guy making certain they have their piece of the pie —

Protestors force cafe layoffs as biz drops

So, thanks to the OWS protestors, 21 people are now unemployed because people no longer spend money at a once thriving cafe.

So, we have rich kids living in nice houses with jobs causing working Americans to lose their jobs — I think this quote from one of the cafe workers who lost her job pretty much sums it up:

“If they would just go get a real job, helping real people, that would help a lot more than just taking up space and shouting at people and putting others they claim to care for out of work,” she declared.

That’s your 99%’ers folks — looking out for you.


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