The Militant Tactics of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

This “movement’ is supposed to be an organic representation of the people who have had enough – pretty much The Tea Party 2.0 – but only better. Suffice it to say – It is not. The tactics they use tells you a lot about them. Their actions speak volumes. Their high-powered and celebrity endorsements paint a disturbing picture.

The official website of the Occupy Wall Street movement refers to the NYC General Assembly. Personally, I find it interesting that the leaders of this movement would refer to themselves using terms that generally refer to a law-making body. Then, right there on the front page, they implore you to read their Declaration of the Occupation of New York City.

So, what is one to gather from this?

Are they considering themselves a separate nation? Do they want to overthrow the government?

The short answer is yes. In an interview with the “spokesman” for the Occupy DC group, he is looking forward to seceding from the country. That’s right I said “secede.” (Anyone remember how much liberals mocked Perry for saying the same thing about Texas – my, my, my…the times have changed.)

Do they want to create such a social upheaval as to create a new America according to their beliefs?

Again, the short answer is yes. There have been repeated incidents of protestors resorting to violence to get what they want. Here is a small sampling:

There have been numerous instances of people calling for violence to achieve their goals. Here are just a few:

As one Occupy Wall Street organizer said – “It’s revolution, not reform.

UPDATE: And so it begins and it looks like Oakland is going to lead the way…

The confrontation began after protesters started a large bonfire in the middle of a downtown street. Dozens of police in riot gear moved in on hundreds of protesters as the flames leapt more than 15 feet in the air from several large metal and plastic trash bins that had been pushed together.

Also, we have another group of protestors — who if they continue — will put even more people out of work at one of the nation’s busiest shipping ports.

The crowd disrupted port operations by overwhelming the area with people and blocking exits with chain-link fencing and illegally parked vehicles. The demonstrators also erected fences to block main streets to the port. No trucks were allowed into or out of the area.

Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read said evening operations had been “effectively shut down.”

So, as part of their general strike, they are endangering the welfare, safety, and economic stability of the people they claim to be helping.

But once again, they aren’t interested in “fixing problems.” — “Viva La Revolucion!!”


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4 Responses to The Militant Tactics of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

  1. averagedad1 says:

    I would be amiss if I didn’t include Harrison’s first statement — “a lot of the people that are here are in fact anarchists, are in fact revolutionaries. . . . We don’t really want to fix [the problems]…”

    Straight from the video folks.

    BTW — Harrison worked as an analyst for investment bankers — LOL!! (

  2. Wolfie Wolf says:

    Very good article. You point out a serious threat. In my way of thinking, these people are similar to the Bolsheviks, who are big time losers historically.

    They are also similar to Greek demonstrators. Austerity and misery are inevitable in Greece. Occupy Wall Street is non productive, as are the Greek demonstrations they only create misery.

  3. averagedad1 says:

    More details from the LA Times —

    Windows were shattered at a Bank of America branch, where someone also spraypainted “Class War” and “Shut it Down,” near Lake Merritt and a Chase bank at 20th and Webster streets.

    An axe-wielding vandal broke several windows at the Oakland Whole Foods Market, said company spokeswoman Jennifer Marples. In addition, the word “strike” was spray on an outside window, and the building was splashed with paint.

    Two rather disturbing quotes about what happened in Oakland:

    “For the Commune,” one graffiti message reads. (What? Are they forming some kind of cult following?)

    “Withdraw Only,” another reads. (Since this was at a bank, are they now stealing the money too?)

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