IMHO — 3 Million Jobs?! Are You STILL Buying That B&^%SH*T?

Every so often when traipsing around the Internet, you come across some overly ridiculous things. Well, today’s winner is the continued crap coming from various liberal and progressive websites that the Obama Stimulus Package either created or saved 3 million jobs.

(I have seen that number as high as 3.5 million, but I am really waiting for a liberal site to put out there that the stimulus package cured cancer, ended global warming, or stopped Nancy Pelosi from getting any more botox treatments – but I digress.)

The obvious question to ask is — CAN YOU PROVE IT?

Most of the people who believe this nonsense will send you to where you can find all sorts of glowing platitudes, reviews, and results provided by none other than – drum roll please – the Obama Administration.

According to an Atlanta Journal Constitution article, the Obama Administration changed the way they calculated the number of jobs “created or saved” by the stimulus.

Here’s why: The federal Office of Management and Budget previously told recipients of the stimulus dollars to count only jobs that were created and filled as a result of stimulus spending or existing jobs “that would not have been continued” if not for the spending.

So, in English, if stimulus money was spent to create or save a job — then they could count that in their total. Now, time for a change —

Now all jobs funded with stimulus dollars will be counted as created or saved, whether or not they were in jeopardy of being eliminated, according to new rules OMB released last month in a memo that drew little attention.

Huh? So, to count now — stimulus money has to be used in whole or part. That’s it?! Obvious impact — More jobs can be included in the count and up goes the total.

But wait for it —

Also, when stimulus money is used for pay raises, it will translate into a fraction of a job created or saved.

That’s right. Give four people a raise — you just created or saved a job. These people can’t be serious!! So, all of the executives the OWS protestors want arrested should be praised for saving so many jobs!! So, even more padding of the numbers of jobs created or saved by the stimulus.

I found the actual memo from Peter Orzag — Director of OMB — providing “guidance” on how to perform these counts. And I am quoting here:

Part 2…Reporting on Jobs Creation Estimates by Recipients…reflects important simplifications to the manner in which job estimates are calculated and reported…

So, no more running total — just a quarterly total. What about the jobs that are eliminated in one quarter and then re-created in the next? What does that equate to? One person getting to keep the same job — but no economic growth. But the numbers will look better though!

In addition, recipients will no longer be required to make a subjective judgment…(but) easily and objectively report on jobs funded with Recovery Act dollars.

So, this confirms what was stated in the AJC article and also by the liberal website, Mother

Then the calculation of jobs created or saved is based on hours worked — not the permanence of the job.

…to perform the calculation, a recipient will need the total number of hours worked by employees in the most recent quarter…The recipient will also need the number of hours in a full-time schedule for the quarter. (This is also spelled out on the website.)

So, if a person works more than a 40 hour work week; then that one job can count as more than one job. Don’t you love that new fangled math? Better yet, don’t you love how that would increase the total number of jobs that have been created or saved by the stimulus?

So, please prove to me the number of jobs that have been created or saved — since even the Obama Administration CAN’T DO IT!


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