IMHO — Stop Lying About Christians And Gays

OK, one of the typical things that happens at work is you will at some point end up surfing the net, going on Facebook, etc. to kill some time while waiting for the next required action.

I went on Facebook to see a post from a friend who liked to an article that can be found here. I clicked on it and read the post by one liberal/progressive whack job quoting another liberal whack job who was presenting information as fact.

Now, time for a bit of a rant…

Why do liberals and progressives have to always resort to lying when it comes to these things?!!

From the original liberal whack job on The Huffington Post —

The Title: Another Teen Bullied to Death, Another Reason for a New Christianity

OK, the tragedy of a teen committing suicide because of bullying goes without saying, but this liberal whack job places the blame for this squarely on Christianity. Albeit to say, the author is saying the teen committed suicide because of Christianity.

Let the lies continue…

But that does not alter the fact that the root cause of tragedies like the Jacob Rogers story is that strain of Christianity that continues to insist that homosexuality is an evil affront to God.

Once again, he is lying when he says that Christianity is the reason this boy committed suicide. And he summarizes his lunacy by saying:

If Christians would actually read the Bible…we would arrive at a popular Christianity that is not, as so much of our Christianity is today, a pure affront to anyone with half a conscience.

The problem is this lunatic’s premise is based entirely on a lie! From his article:

You can read more (about the boy’s suicide) via MSNBC.

The problem is that liberals don’t really want to think for themselves. They want to hear the standard lie that Christianity is evil and wants all gays to die. They would have never bothered to actually read the MSNBC article where it never mentions the word Christianity or Christian once. No mention of religion either.

See the truth screws with the liberal lie — and that’s something liberals will not stand for.

Then if you take the time to read through the comments, you will see not one liberal lemming actually took the time to read the MSNBC article.

A couple of doozies from the liberal nut gallery —

(Referring to Jesus) — A middle-age­d man whose constant companions were 12 other guys and a possible hooker-gon­e-straight­. Sound gay to you? 😉

Remember, they insist that you are able to spell G.E.D. before they award it.

The second comment was a reply to someone else — so much for the party of intellectual superiority, huh?

Another teen bullied to death, another reason for NO christiani­ty

So, obviously, this poster is anti-Christian despite the fact that this article is nothing more than a lie.

Now, if we go the first link from the liberal whack job who quoted the Huffington Post liberal whack job, you will find more doozies from the liberal lemmings who never bother to read the MSNBC article for themselves.

Hell! there will probably be quite a FEW THAT WILL SAY THE KID DESERVED IT !

This commenter is clearly referring to Christians.

Some people must be so happy to find out that their god hates all the same people they do…

As you see, this liberal lemming thinks only Christianity hates gays.

(Wonder how homosexuality is treated in a Muslim country, community, or family? But I digress…)

If they took the time to read and think critically, everything about this is a lie. Let’s start with the way the author tagged his article.

Christianity And GLBT ,   Jesus Christ ,   Bullying ,   Christianity ,   Gay Teen Suicide , Christianity And LGBT , Gay Christians , Anti-Gay Bullying , Religion And Sexuality , Religion News , School Bullying , Religion News

The fact that it is not a news article does not matter to the liberal lemming crowd. This author is lying to his readers by implying that this is honest “reporting” of an event. There is no reporting. This is some liberal whack job with an axe to grind stating his deluded opinion which is clearly based on a lie.

Christianity had no part in this boy’s tragic death — but liberals will continue to lie about Christians and gays. They can not prove it. They will resort to typical Alinsky tactics and try to ridicule you into silence if you dare challenge them.

So, I dare some liberal to prove this boy’s death was based on Christianity. Show me documented proof that the kids who bullied this kid did so in the name of Christianity.

Oh, wait!! You can’t! So, do the world a favor and STOP LYING about Christians and gays!!


Something else I thought that I would share — look at the last paragraph.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding self-serving…You can buy “UNFAIR” as Kindle book; you can buy it as a Nookbook; if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download onto any PC, Mac or device a free Kindle reading app, and read it that way. You can wait for the paper version to come out about 10 days from now. I don’t care…

So, now we get to the one part of this whole load of BS that is the truth. The guy wants you to buy his book.


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